Advisory Committees

Advisory Committees

Today’s students need the right skills and experience to be workforce-ready. That’s why we’ve partnered with more than 1,500 industry experts across 78 advisory committees to help shape San Jac programs and prepare the next generation of skilled workers.

Committees in Action

Advisory committees work hand-in-hand with San Jac faculty, meeting at least twice per year and communicating regularly. Together, they bridge the education-workforce divide.

Shaping Curricula

A strong syllabus is the lifeblood of any course. Advisory committees evaluate course objectives, establish core competencies, and validate overall program success.

Developing Community

Being a part of an industry community is crucial for new graduates. San Jac committees help grow these connections by linking students to job opportunities, providing external learning experiences, and promoting programs to other businesses.

Overseeing Facilities

What makes our facilities state of the art? Our advisory committees, who evaluate current resources and advise faculty on selecting new, top-notch equipment.
As an Advisory Committee member, we are able to give back to the EMS community, while providing meaningful input into the program’s content and communicating industry needs.
Dana Dalbey, BS, LIC-P
Baytown Fire Department, Assistant Chief

Business Benefits

Sitting on an advisory committee is the perfect way to share your field expertise and ensure San Jac is producing the graduates you need for your business.

Gain Prepared Workers

Usher in the workforce-ready employees who have been trained by industry for industry.

Be the First in Line

Connect with the most skilled employees and opportunities through hiring events, meet-ups, and job boards.

Shape Your Industry

Help decide which skills, experience, and knowledge is needed to push the boundaries of your field.


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