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Adjunct Hiring Guidelines

Adjunct Hiring Guidlines


This guideline outlines the necessary steps used in the hiring process for adjunct faculty to ensure compliance with state and federal employment regulations.


The following steps should be followed in the order listed:

1. Hiring Leader interviews applicant. The applicant is selected as a finalist.

2. Hiring Leader will update the status for that applicant in Cornerstone from “In Review” to “Finalist” and complete Credentialing documents.

3. a. HR will send background links to the applicant’s personal email address, as well as the DPS Authorization form that the applicant will need to complete and send back. The applicant is responsible for initiating the first HireRight background check. 

   b. Once HireRight clears, HR will initiate the DPS and NSO checks.

4. When the background check comes back clear, HR will send out the Cleared to Work (CTW) email and assign the Onboarding documents via Cornerstone. At this point the applicant will be visible in the Onboarding Dashboard.

Please Note: The CTW email has been revised. The CTW email will be sent to the Hiring Leader on that requisition as well as the corresponding office personnel (CPD, Campus Services, Evening Division, Maritime, etc.). If the email needs to be sent to additional personnel, the Hiring Leader will be responsible for that delivery.

5. The applicant will receive numerous emails, one per form, instructing them on how to access Cornerstone and complete their forms online.

6. When the applicant has completed all forms in Cornerstone and the I-9 “N/A” icon turns blue and becomes a link, the Evening Divisions / Campus Services personnel can contact the applicant and schedule a time for the prospective employee to come in and complete the remaining documents (W-4, VALIC form, Direct Deposit form). During that meeting, the applicant will also provide documents that establish identity and employment authorization used to complete the I-9, Section 2 document.

7. Once the Evening Divisions/ Campus Services has the I-9 documents, they can click the “N/A” icon and complete Section 2 of the I-9 in Tracker.

8. Send all corresponding documents to

Please Note: HR will not apply EPAFs if any of the documents are missing.


The forms listed below are sent to the candidate via Cornerstone once the background checks have cleared.

  • Drug Free Workplace Policy form
  • Transcript Policy
  • Property Issued Acknowledgement
  • Disclosure of Personal information
  • TRS Eligibility Verification
  • Employee Information
  • Texas Hazard Communication Act (if applicable)
  • VALIC form (if applicable)
  • I-9 Section 1 sent from I-9 Tracker via Cornerstone

The candidate MUST complete onboarding paperwork in Cornerstone prior to the first day of work.


For additional information or questions, please contact Human Resources at 281-991-6115 to be routed to the appropriate person who can assist you.

* Please note: If an adjunct faculty has been inactive for one full year and/or has not taught for two consecutive semesters, they will be considered a rehire and will need to complete the above hiring process again.